Austin Humphries

Assistant Professor

I am interested in ecological and social outcomes that arise from fisheries and coastal management. I conduct field and lab experiments as well as engage in socioeconomic interviews, perform synthetic statistical analyses, and design models to understand these coupled interactions. This work is both local and international, often studying oysters in estuaries and tropical coral reef fishes, as well as the human dimension aspect which involves the people that depend on these resources. 

Before coming to URI in 2015, I completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the US Environmental Protection Agency. I finished my PhD at Rhodes University (South Africa) in 2014. My doctoral research was based in Kenya and in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society. Before my time in Africa, I earned a MS degree at Louisiana State University in 2010, and a BS degree at the University of Vermont in 2006. 

I grew up in the mountains of southwest Virginia and have traveled the world - mostly in search of fish. Other than fishing, in my free time I enjoy surfing, building boats, and camping. I also hold a special affinity for scruffy faced dogs.

Lauren Josephs

Masters student

My research interests are in social-ecological systems. Specifically, I would like to gain a better understanding of the interactions that occur between coastal communities and their marine environments, and especially in how this information can be used to prepare both humans and the environment to withstand periods of change. My thesis work will investigate the influence of personal values, public engagement, and recreational experience for support of a living shorelines project on Mass Audubon property in Martha’s Vineyard, MA. 

I graduated from Northeastern University in 2015 with a Bachelor's degree in Marine Biology. As an undergraduate student I conducted social-ecological research in coastal communities in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Alabama, investigating how the values and beliefs of waterfront residents impacted the stewardship of their shorelines. I'm also a Three Seas Program XXX alumni and an AAUS Scientific Diver.

I am from North Andover, MA, and spent every summer on Martha's Vineyard. I have a cat that keeps me entertained when I'm not busy writing my thesis.

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Diky Suganda

PhD student

My primary research interest is aimed at improving coastal fisheries management in my homeland of Indonesia. For my PhD, I will be researching the ecological effects of different gears in the coral reef fisheries of Indonesia, considering management within the context of the ecosystem approach to fisheries. I am doing my field work and monitoring fish catch data in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia.

While doing my PhD at URI, I simultaneously hold a position in the Directorate General of Capture Fisheries in the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia (MMAF). Before my position at MMAF and coming to URI, I completed a MS degree at Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium and wrote my thesis on the genetic population structure of mud crabs (Scylla serrata), which is an economically important species of crab found in the estuaries and mangroves of Indonesia. I earned my BS degree at Bogor Agricultural University in Indonesia.

I grew up in Tangerang on the island of Java, Indonesia, and in my free time I like gardening and playing badminton.

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Aditi Tripathy

Undergraduate student

Apart from learning how different organisms and diverse ecosystems interact with one another, I am interested in marine acoustics and oceanography. I am also interested in how the use of mathematics and computer science may be incorporated in the study of marine life. As a Coastal Fellow in the lab, I will be learning about data exploration and visualization, as well as statistical coding techniques to analyze small-scale coral reef fisheries data.

I am an undergraduate student in both Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography at URI within the College of the Environment and Life Sciences. I am a member of Alpha Chi Sigma (Professional Chemistry Fraternity) and help with the Graduate School of Oceanography's blog, oceanbites.

I am from Kharagpur, West Bengal, India, and in my spare time I enjoy going to the beach, watching Doctor Who, and spending time with my dog. 

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Evans Arizi

PhD student

I am interested in marine fisheries and aquatic resource management. The goal of my research is to provide data to inform ecosystem-based management of fisheries in my home country of Ghana. Specifically, the focus of my PhD work is on modeling fisheries effects of Marine Protected Areas and seasonal closures for the coastal fisheries in Ghana. I am also very excited and interested in attending scientific conferences and improving my communication of research .

Before coming to URI, I attended the University of Cape Coast (Ghana) and graduated in 2013 with a MS in Aquaculture and a BS in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences in 2009. For my MS thesis, I examined aspects of the biology and ecology of black-chinned tilapia in the Dominli lagoon of Ghana.   

I am originally from Jaway in the Jomoro District of Ghana and when I am not in the field or classroom, I enjoy reading and playing soccer.


Katie Viducic

Masters student

I would like to advance sustainable fisheries management and conservation, especially for sharks. The goal of my masters research is to update and revise the reproductive parameters of the Blue Shark, including re-examining the migration routes as they relate to reproductive conditions, using direct aging techniques. I will conduct this work in collaboration with Lisa Natanson at NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service lab in Narragansett, RI.

I graduated from URI in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology. Since then, I have worked on a sport fishing and shark diving boat and also volunteered at the National Marine Fisheries Service. In these roles, I have helped collect reproductive data on sharks traveling to fishing tournaments in the region.

I grew up in Oakland, New Jersey, and spent most summers at the beach on Long Beach Island. I enjoy free diving, snowboarding, and being on the ocean.

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Paul Carvalho

PhD student

I am interested in marine spatial ecology, population dynamics, and fisheries management. Using a combination of fieldwork and modeling techniques, I investigate the ecological consequences of fisheries management and identify strategies that simultaneously promotes sustainable fisheries practices and economic growth. My PhD work focuses on exploring ecological outcomes of different fisheries management for small-scale coral reef fisheries in Indonesia and is funded by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Before coming to URI, I completed my MS and BS degrees at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. For my masters thesis, I evaluated the effectiveness of periodically-harvested fisheries closures for meeting ecological and socioeconomic objectives in Fiji. This work was in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society. Also, during my undergraduate studies, I was a research technician for the California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program – a long-term study monitoring nearshore rockfish populations in central California.

I am from southern California and when I'm not coding models I enjoy diving, surfing, fishing, and traveling.

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Elle Wibisono

PhD student

I am interested in data-poor stock assessments of demersal fisheries. In particular, the fishery of interest is deepwater “snapper- grouper” fishery of Indonesia, which consist of over 120 species. With my PhD research, I want to dig deeper into understanding the characteristics and ecological aspects of this multi-species fishery, management implications of the stock assessment, and test management strategies through modeling. 

I graduated with a BS from Wellesley College in 2013, majoring in Biological Sciences and a minoring in Studio Art. Post-graduation, I was a consultant for The Nature Conservancy Indonesia working as the Manager for Private Sector Involvement to implement sustainable fisheries programs. I was also involved in a pilot project to set up territorial user-rights fisheries (TURF) and reserves for small-scale coral reef fisheries. The data collection systems we developed with this work enables us to pinpoint specific coordinates for each fish being caught, giving us the ability to determine the extent of exploitation and location. 

I grew up in Java, Indonesia, and before moving to Rhode Island I lived in Bali where I would divide my time between work and triathlon training. Scuba diving and cycling are my favorite outdoor activities. 

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Maximilian Bucher

Undergraduate student

My main interest lies in the interconnection of marine fisheries systems and their socioeconomic implications. I believe that sustainability can best be achieved when the conservation of fish stocks yield an economic benefit for the human population that depends on the fishery. Thus, I am interested in developing fishing practices/management systems that serve the well-being of local communities as well as guaranteeing a sustainable and diverse fish stock. 

I am an international student, studying Environmental Resource Economics at URI. In the summer of 2015 I was an intern at the US Embassy in Tokyo under the Fisheries attaché, working on the assessment and promotion of trade relations and possible collaboration of fisheries management strategies between the USA and Japan/South East Asia. In the summer of 2016, I worked for an international fish trader in Rhode Island analyzing global fish market dynamics and the daily pricing of various species of fish. 

I was born in Switzerland and grew up in Munich, Germany. My passion for fish developed while caring for my pond and three aquariums at home. Other hobbies of mine include cooking, fishing, and rowing.


Jack Girard

Undergraduate student

I have interest in coral reef ecology and the biogeochemistry that makes these ecosystems tick. I believe that with proper understanding of both the large and small scale interactions on reefs, we can more effectively manage these resources and associated ecosystem services such as fisheries. I hope to develop skills that allow for the statistical processing and analysis of this type of scientific data. 

I am currently pursuing a BS degree in Marine Biology from URI. I spent a semester at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) where I studied coral reef ecology, as well as tropical marine invertebrates. 

I am from Glens Falls, New York, which is just south of the Adirondack Park. If I'm not in the water or in the lab, I can be found hiking, camping, or rock climbing in the mountains.

Melati Kaye

Masters student

I am interested in addressing data and communication gaps in tropical fisheries management. My thesis work analyzes the impact of different fishery management systems on reef ecology and coastal livelihoods in Eastern Indonesia.

Before coming to URI, I worked as a public radio journalist in Southeast Alaska before moving to Indonesia where I reported on environmental issues for Scientific American, Al Jazeera, Mongabay, and other outlets. I graduated from Reed College in 2009 with a degree in Biology.

I was born in Jakarta and grew up in Beijing, Bangalore and other cities in South and East Asia. I enjoy hiking and learning new languages.